Virtual Protest

March 29, 2006

Town Hall

Linden Labs, creator of the virtual world Second Life, recently held an in-game Townhall Meeting. In case you don’t know, Second Life is a 3D virtual world, much like an MMO, which allows players to build practically anything (even your own Island) and spend/earn real world money.

Some folks aren’t happy with the way Linden Labs is handling things. From Tony Walsh’s Clickable Culture blog:

“Elsewhere in Second Life today, an Alternative Town Hall was hosted by the controversial land owner Prokofy Neva in opposition to Linden Lab’s official event. Neva believes that a recent change in Linden Lab’s method of selling off its virtual land will cause the contiguous mainland sims to fragment and wither. Anshe Chung, Second Life‘s most successful land baron to the tune of $150k to $175k in annual income, intends to boycott Linden Lab’s new land-sales policies. In an announcement on Second Life‘s official discussion forum, Chung said that those interested in building contiguous continents will be harmed by the policies. Chung’s current investment in Second Life is massive (over 100 sims at $195 USD per month), and will, according to her announcement, be frozen as part of the boycott. It remains to be seen if Linden Lab’s new policies will be swayed by its most prominent customers.”


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