“Uru” Comes Back to Life

May 19, 2006

"Uru: Ages Beyond Myst," one of the many spin-offs of the classic game Myst, was originally intended to evolve into the MMO "Uru: Live." Alas, developer Cyan and pubisher Ubisoft closed the book on that unwritten chapter, citing insufficient numbers.

Uru Screenshot

But Game Tap announced at E3 last week that it'll be picking up where Uru left off, launching the live game by Christmas. This should delight the many Uru enthusiasts who have kept the game alive by creating their own Uru facimilies in the MMOs There and Second Life. Details on cnet.

I remember playing Myst for the first time, as a high school student. Roberta A-, the mother of a casual friend of mine, loaned her CD-ROM of Myst to my friend Thomas. She thought it would be something he'd enjoy. Thomas and I played it together on the computer his dad was constantly rebuilding on their living room table. I had no idea what Myst was; I thought it was some bargain-bin nothing game Roberta picked up at Wal-Mart because CD-ROMs were the new sliced bread. Little did I know.

Despite having played many video games before Myst, I think of Myst as my first Virtual World. I've since revisited it few times, and always socially. Mowgli and Zach and I gathered for a few evenings in 2001 to play; an ex, Anne, and I bought the 3-D version to play together. Thomas and I still sputter "Blue Pages!" at each other from time to time.


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