August 23, 2006

Dave, Kim, Trevor

Got a show tonight.

8pm Wednesday, August 23rd
Under St. Mark’s
94 St. Marks Place (twixt 1st and A)

Appearing with Queefer Sutherland, Creak Weasel, and Chantico Warfare. I think tickets are $5.
The photo above is from our show last Saturday, which I completely failed to mention on this blog. (Photo courtesy of the the inimitable Ari Scott).



August 15, 2006

A short I just produced for the comedy group Hot Sauce will screen this Wednesday night as part of their industry showcase. These guys are great.

Hot Sauce Sells Out

8pm, Wednesday August 16th.
UCB Theater
302 W 26th (between 8th and 9th)

More Tesseraction

August 12, 2006

Net of a tesseract with corresponding faces indicated

I recently came across this illustration of a tesseract (the 4-dimensional cube). Note the letters- they indicate which faces of the component cubes adjoin in a real tesseract.

This model, though a common representation, can be confusing becaue it’s actually a net of a tesseract. Think of it as the tesseract spread out to be viewable in three dimensions. (For comparison, this is a net of a cube). By indicating the adjoining faces with letters, you can get a clearer understanding of how a tesseract is truly structured.

This page, from the Union College Department of Mathmatics site, has several great blurbs and animations on understanding hyper-dimensional space. One idea they mention helps with some difficulty I have conceiving time as a dimension:

“Flatlanders [two-dimensional beings] can understand a sphere as a sequence of circles changing over time. The flatlanders see time as a third dimension, but we see the third dimension as a physical one. Similarly, we can understand a hypersphere from the fourth dimension as a sequence of spheres changing over time. We use time as a means of representing a fourth physical dimension.”

Another cool thing at that site is a pair of animations that compare the relationship between the two-dimensional shadow of a cube and the three-dimensional “shadow” of a tesseract.

More Improv Tonight

August 3, 2006

My improv group, Fiefdom, has a show tonight at Variety Underground. Details:

Thursday August 3
7-9 PM
The Parkside Lounge
317 East Houston between Avenue B & Avenue C (F Train to 2nd Ave)

Improv in Azeroth

August 3, 2006

The House of Uster, my Warcraft guild, performed “Warcraft Prov” at the Del Close Marathon last weekend. Some photos here.

It was pretty poor improv, frankly. We never rehearsed and were still discussing the form up until the minute we went on stage. Basically, we just stood on stage in bizarre costumes and declared details about Warcraft. Our audience was surprisingly gaming-literate: the warcraft-specific jokes got a lot of laughs. It’s also possible the audience was just really drunk.

The guy in the skull mask is legendary rapper MC Chris. And that’s an actual girl next to him.

The weekend was crazy. I was hired at 1pm on Friday to produce a segment on the marathon for Current TV. The kick-off event was later that day at 4:30 pm, so there wasn’t much time to prepare.