Gameplay is Greater than Graphics

October 4, 2006

Regarding “Dragon Quest Heros: Rocket Slime,” a traditional 2D RPG for the Nintendo DS, Onion AV Club reviewer Gus Mastrapa has this to say:

“When a game so deeply rooted in well-trod, classic turf compels and tickles with such ease, the question is this: Are graphics-intensive game creators chasing down the right rabbit holes?”

Right on, Gus.


3 Responses to “Gameplay is Greater than Graphics”

  1. Nazgum said

    This basically sums up the next-gen consoles, and why I root for Nintendo =)

    Improved graphics was last-gen’s race, give us something new this time around.

  2. gabrus said

    Ethan Rom is a character on LOST played by Tom Cruise’s cousin…ethan zweigland is stan

  3. Inkling said

    You posted to the wrong article! How’s LA?

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