Mark and Ari’s LOFT at UCB

June 7, 2007

Mark and Ari's LOFT

Caught Mark and Ari’s “LOFT” at the UCB theater tonight. Very funny, very tight.

Rooted in the theme of New York City apartments, the show is peppered with references to Lost. Like when a frustrated Ari needs help assembling his new end table, the included video tutorial impressively resembles the Dharma orientation films.  A lab-coated Mark stiffly explains a mysterious and ridiculously complex set of instructions. When Ari can’t find the right tool, the on-screen Mark tells Ari to answer his phone, which rings.  Ari is instructed to open his front door, behind which a live Mark is waiting with the tool.

I can’t do it justice. Go see these guys at the UCB Theater (show details).


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