Jamey is a filmmaker, tv director,  and producer of interactive media in New York City. Some of his personal projects include


Improv Everywhere

Channel 102

Countless Stories

Fiefdom Improv


2 Responses to “About”

  1. John B said

    Hi Jamey!

    This may seem like a strange question, but here goes: I was watching one of the missions on Improv Everywhere, specifically the Best Buy mission, and I watched the video of your interaction with the police and the employee–they kept trying to get you to turn off your camera or give them your ID, but you stood your ground.

    Here’s a link to the mission, for your convenience:

    On your video, you said that it was legal to videotape, but illegal to broadcast. Knowing the law and my rights is very important to me, so I was wondering: how do you know that it is legal to tape, but illegal to broadcast? What are the laws regarding this?

    I don’t want to waste your time, so do you know of a good website or link where I could find the answer?

    Have a good day,

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