Tonight we challenge a giant.

Cagematch is a weekly improv competition at the UCB theater. Fiefdom, my improv group, is the challenger tonight. Our opponent is Omelette Vision, a dream team of 3 of the city’s best improvisors. They’re hugely popular. And they are the men who taught us improv.

It’s been a difficult haul. We lost two team members the week we were invited to challenge. We’ve had only a month to find and rehearse the new team amongst schedule complications, vacations, and our coach quitting. We’ve only performed together with the new lineup once.

But I’m excited. We have a great group, much stronger than before, and I’m glad we’re going up against the big boys. So come out tonight and vote for Fiefdom. Thursday, June 21st, 11:00 pm at the UCB theater. Details and reservations here.


Video Game Awards Tonight

December 13, 2006

Spike TV loves the UCB this year. Tonght’s Video Game Awards feature two comedy shorts starring UCB mainstay John Gemberling and directed by yours truly. UCB Harold-teamer John Gabrus is a staff writer for the show, and comics Brian Berrebbi and Nick Kroll play costumed gamer nerds. had a “liveblogger” at the VGA taping last Fri. Here’s what he had to say about my “MoCap” segments:

9:42: Mocap skit with balls. A chubby dude in a blue suit covered in giant balls plays “the bitch” in Saint’s Row. Nice.
10:53: [update 7] More motion capture skit action. This stuff has been the best of the show so far, by far. Someone might be pitching Mocap: The Show to Fox already. Sarah Silverman comes out… Besides the mocap dude, she’s the funniest thing in the show so far as well. (Full link)

Radio Update

May 3, 2006

It looks like we'll be pre-recording the Michael Smerconish Morning Show segment to air tomorrow (Thursday).

Update May 4th: It aired this morning. It's up as a podcast on WPHT's site, or you might get a faster download here. I think it's a decent interview, but what do I know? I credit Anton Chekhov with writing a play called "The Cherry Tree."

Smerconish Site 

Radio Free Soupsack

May 2, 2006

I'll be live on The Michael Smerconish Morning Show tomorrow discussing the IE Best Buy event. It should happen just after 8:30 AM Eastern. If you're not in Philly or near one of their many affiliates, you can listen online from WPHT's website ("Listen Live," upper right-hand corner). There's an irritating but quick and painless mandatory sign-up (for which you can supply false info if you wish) before the audio starts.

Michael Smerconish is an accomplished neo-conservative author and radio personality who occasionally fills in for Bill O'Reilly and whose recent book "Muzzled" is currently #34 on the NY Times best seller list. More details at his personal site.

Michael Muzzled

If you listen, please drop me a line or post a comment here and let me know how it went.

IE Agents Jump

Last Sunday, 80 Improv Everywhere agents infiltrated a New York City Best Buy store dressed in blue polo shirts and khaki pants. I shot video with a hidden camera and encountered the police. Read the official mission report at Improv Everywhere's site.

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“Sexual Intercourse, American Style,” a short film I directed (and shot and edited,as these things go), premieres at the Channel 102 film festival tonight. There are two screenings at The Magnet, 8:00 and 9:30. I’ll be at both. It’ll sell out quick, so if you’re coming, please make reservations. More details.

The film was written by Mitch Magee and stars Will Hines, Eliza Skinner, Julie Klausner, and Matthew Cornillon. You can see stills on our mypace page.

Audience votes determine which films come back as a “Prime Time Series,” so feel free to bring friends.

Channel 102 is a short film fesitval modeled on Filmakers submit a 5 minute “pilot” which is reviewed by a panel of past festival winners. If the pilot is screened, audience votes determine if it returns the following month as a “prime time series.” I directed a previous 102 series, The Widower, which ran for 3 episodes.

Vote for This Shirt

April 20, 2006

My friend Dan designed a shirt for a competition over at Threadless. Please go there and vote for his shirt so he wins $2000. 

t-shirt close up