Time Out!

January 6, 2007

Many thanks to Jane borden of Time Out New York magazine. She recently named a short I directed “Best Comedy Short Film” of 2006.

Full article here.


Video Game Awards Tonight

December 13, 2006

Spike TV loves the UCB this year. Tonght’s Video Game Awards feature two comedy shorts starring UCB mainstay John Gemberling and directed by yours truly. UCB Harold-teamer John Gabrus is a staff writer for the show, and comics Brian Berrebbi and Nick Kroll play costumed gamer nerds.

Joystiq.com had a “liveblogger” at the VGA taping last Fri. Here’s what he had to say about my “MoCap” segments:

9:42: Mocap skit with balls. A chubby dude in a blue suit covered in giant balls plays “the bitch” in Saint’s Row. Nice.
10:53: [update 7] More motion capture skit action. This stuff has been the best of the show so far, by far. Someone might be pitching Mocap: The Show to Fox already. Sarah Silverman comes out… Besides the mocap dude, she’s the funniest thing in the show so far as well. (Full link)

"Sexual Intercourse, American Style," my recent Channel 102 short, was mentioned on the Comedy Central Insider blog. "Poignantly erotic," the blogger says. Thanks, mysterious blogger!