I could watch this guy beat things up with his umbrella for hours.



A more pleasant video than the last, featuring the most attractive office staff I’ve ever seen. By Mike, courtesy of David Moldawer.

The visuals are fine, but the audio is def. Not Safe For Work.  The delicately sensibled should look away.

Leeroy goes Viral

December 13, 2006

The Live Action Leeroy virals have truly gone viral, including a front-page mention at worldofwarcraft.com:

Thanks to Mark Frauenfelder for blogging them (along with some kind words) at boingboing.net

They even made it to the front page of Digg.

Goddammit Leeroy

December 11, 2006

This is one of three promos I directed for Spike TV’s Video Game Awards. The others are

Stacy’s Birthday

These were written by the hilarious Johnathan Gabrus, who also stars as Leeroy. That’s Brian Fountain as the unfortunate client and Andre du Bouchet as the group leader.

Many thanks to Kara Klenk and Ethan Rom (as Stacy and Stan), Christine Lu, Adam Wade, Kari Kim, Val Bontrager, and Chris DeLuka for all their help.

Slo-Mo Home Depot

September 11, 2006

Improv Everywhere inserted 200 Agents into a Home Depot to shop in slow motion, then freeze in place for 5 minutes. Providentially, 30 seconds before we began the freeze, the Jewel song “Am I standing Still” began playing over the PA system.

As usual, I ruined a perfectly good backpack to get some covert video.

This event was a lot of fun, though it hasn’t caused nearly the uproar of the Best Buy mission. My camera and I got made by several Home Depot employees, but most were too busy laughing to bother with me. Take heed, Best Buy!

More details and video at the full mission report.

IE Agents Jump

Last Sunday, 80 Improv Everywhere agents infiltrated a New York City Best Buy store dressed in blue polo shirts and khaki pants. I shot video with a hidden camera and encountered the police. Read the official mission report at Improv Everywhere's site.

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Sexual Intercourse FTW

April 25, 2006

We got picked up as a Primetime Show at 102, with 96 votes netting us 3rd place. Not bad, considering that slots 1 and 2 were pretty much a lock.

Watch it! (safe for work; does not contain “hardcore penetration” as indicated)

In addition to the worthy “Cakey” and “Puppet Rapist,” we’re sharing the spotlight this month with the well-writen, hilariously acted “Incredible Drunk” and the inexplicable “28 Day Slater.”

“Sexual Intercourse, American Style,” a short film I directed (and shot and edited,as these things go), premieres at the Channel 102 film festival tonight. There are two screenings at The Magnet, 8:00 and 9:30. I’ll be at both. It’ll sell out quick, so if you’re coming, please make reservations. More details.

The film was written by Mitch Magee and stars Will Hines, Eliza Skinner, Julie Klausner, and Matthew Cornillon. You can see stills on our mypace page.

Audience votes determine which films come back as a “Prime Time Series,” so feel free to bring friends.

Channel 102 is a short film fesitval modeled on Channel101.com. Filmakers submit a 5 minute “pilot” which is reviewed by a panel of past festival winners. If the pilot is screened, audience votes determine if it returns the following month as a “prime time series.” I directed a previous 102 series, The Widower, which ran for 3 episodes.

Simpsons Live Action

March 10, 2006


An astonishingly faithful live-action recreation of the Simpson's opening