Wii Hacked

January 3, 2008

Just presented at the 24th Chaos Communication Congress.

The upshot: Now you can make and run your own games for the Wii. Previously, homebrew games could only run in Gamecube mode, which had limited access to system resources (like the Wiimote).

Also awesome: Johnny Lee’s head tracking with the Wiimote.



December 14, 2006

Regarding multiplayer in Elebits for the Nintendo Wii:

Fuck. Yeah.

Thomas picked this up and we played tonight during the VGAs. You control a “gravity gun” to trash your house and zap little energy gnomes for points.

Elebits Multiplayer
“Don’t cross the streams!”

Points in Elebits are called Watts, which strengthen your gun, power the lights, and activate electronic devices in your home. See, in the world of Elebits, the little buggers have gone on strike and refuse to provide energy to the world. It’s up to you to drag, drop, push, throw, and smash your way through your home to uncover more and more Elebits.

Raising the roof
We did not make it this far.

This is the first title whose core gameplay really centers around the unique capabilities of the Wii remote. Like many Wii games, you’ll have the most fun playing in a room full of people. So blow the Gamestop manager if you have to, but get some extra controllers and laugh away your shame with an evening of multiplayer Elebits.