… and later replaces Mario with with a swarm of small Marios.

According to boingboing:

“Japanese hackers merge an old (pre-EyeToy) hand-recognition system with Super Mario Brothers, and screengrab several rounds of bonkers Mario, nudged along by a ghostly, giant hand. In the climax, over 100 Marii are unleashed into pale-blue-sky-land and set to running and bouncing by the Barely Visible Hand.”


No Patns on the NYC subway

Tonight’s 20/20 has a segment on Improv Everywhere. They shot footage from 2004’s No Pants and the recent Mp3 Experiment 4, among other things. I did both those missions as a camera operator, so I doubt I’ll appear in the show. Look for it on ABC at 10pm Eastern.

MP3 Experiment 4 - 826 People

Wii Hacked

January 3, 2008

Just presented at the 24th Chaos Communication Congress.

The upshot: Now you can make and run your own games for the Wii. Previously, homebrew games could only run in Gamecube mode, which had limited access to system resources (like the Wiimote).

Also awesome: Johnny Lee’s head tracking with the Wiimote.

Daddy’s Roommate

October 4, 2007

Daddy's Roommate cover

This children’s book is hated by parents for its positive portrayal of a divorced father’s homosexuality. Clearly, though, the real issue is that the dad’s lover is only a couple years older than the son. And the title has all the panache of a Lifetime TV movie. And they look like they’re about to have sex in that boat.

It’s banned-books week. Pick up a copy today.

I’ll let game-design god Raph Koster do the talking:

This is the future of the internet: open-standard virtual environments. “Anything that you do on the web… just works in Metaplace, because we work the way the web does.”

Alpha application ends Monday. www.metaplace.com

My Father and Niece

September 21, 2007

Video here.

Blue Main Sequence Star

The universe is incomprehensibly big. It takes millions of years for anything significant to happen on a cosmic scale.

Might beings of hyperdimensionality sufficient to perceive time as a lower dimension be able to construct entire universes?

To what end?

Perpetual Mario Machine

August 26, 2007

I’m not sure if this is an existential dilemma or a physics marvel. Maybe it’s just what happens when you beat the Minus World.

Thanks, Raph.

Tonight we challenge a giant.

Cagematch is a weekly improv competition at the UCB theater. Fiefdom, my improv group, is the challenger tonight. Our opponent is Omelette Vision, a dream team of 3 of the city’s best improvisors. They’re hugely popular. And they are the men who taught us improv.

It’s been a difficult haul. We lost two team members the week we were invited to challenge. We’ve had only a month to find and rehearse the new team amongst schedule complications, vacations, and our coach quitting. We’ve only performed together with the new lineup once.

But I’m excited. We have a great group, much stronger than before, and I’m glad we’re going up against the big boys. So come out tonight and vote for Fiefdom. Thursday, June 21st, 11:00 pm at the UCB theater. Details and reservations here.

“Uh, Prime, Wheelie’s been helpin us out for a little while now. We use him as a decoy a lot.”